Online Education Center

Conneaut Savings Bank is offering a FREE online financial education to our community.

Banzai Junior – Ideal for ages 8-12.  Banzai Junior gives students the opportunity to own and operate a lemonade stand.  To win the game, they must manage a budget, borrow and payback money and navigate unexpected scenarios and expenses.

Banzai Teen – Ideal for ages 13-18.  Banzai Teen puts students in a position to tackle realistic financial dilemmas as they strive to earn money for college registration.  The game guides students through financial basics as well as complicated topics like credit cards, auto loans, and insurance.

Banzai Plus – Ideal for ages 18+.  Banzai Plus presents students with challenging real-life financial problems.  Students must build and maintain healthy credit, qualify for a mortgage, utilize insurance, and more-all while managing a budget and working towards a savings goal.

To get started, simply log in with your email, and create your own unique password.  You can go through as many modules as many times as you like.  If you need to stop before you are finished, the program will allow you to jump right back in.