Individual Retirement Account


Secure Your Future With An Individual Retirement Account

Conneaut Savings Bank offers both Traditional IRA’s and Roth IRA’s.

  • A Traditional IRA is an Individual Retirement Account to which you can contribute pre-tax or after-tax dollars, giving you immediate tax benefits if your contributions are tax-deductible.  With a Traditional IRA, your money can grow tax-deferred, but you’ll pay ordinary income tax on your withdrawals, and must start taking distributions after age 72. (70 1/2 for those who turned 70 1/2 in 2019 or earlier.) Unlike with a Roth IRA, there are no income limitations to open a traditional IRA.  It may be a good option for those who expect to be in the same or lower tax bracket in the future.
  • A Roth IRA is an Individual Retirement Account to which you contribute after-tax dollars.  While there are no current-year tax benefits, your contributions and earnings can grow tax-free, and you can withdraw them tax-and penalty-free after age 59 1/2 and once the account has been open for five years.  Other advantages of having a Roth IRA include no contribution age restrictions, no required minimum distributions and no income taxes for inherited Roth IRAs.  Roth IRAs can be a good savings option for those who expect to be in a higher tax bracket in the future, making tax-free withdrawals even more advantageous. Roth IRAs also have some limitations due to income, speak with our deposit accounts department to discuss  these limitations.

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